Moodlenomics – what is it?

Unfortunately a lot of the description for the moodlenomics session seems to have gone astray, so I thought I would provide this as a summary, so that people can decide if it sounds interesting.

Open source projects like Moodle are not a case of someone programming in their spare bedroom after work any more.  In order to survive and grow, they have to have a robust management structure and funding model.

In “The anatomy of a major open source project”, we are not talking about how the programming and/or designing is arranged, or anything like that, we are going to be talking about how the Moodle organisation itself is supported – where the funding comes from in order to pay people, what those people do, and how the moodle model compares with funding models used by other major open-source projects such as Sakai and Apache.

So if you are interested in how such a large project survives, please come along.