7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

In the 1930’s a list of traditional gifts to symbolise each wedding anniversary was published. This is still in use today with a complementary list of modern gift suggestions. Whilst gifts do not have to be connected to the categories listed, couples celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary may expect to receive gifts of copper or wool (traditional items) or desk sets (modern idea).

Although the Seventh anniversary is not considered a milestone anniversary, it is still important to remember and celebrate this date. Finding a unique gift using the traditional copper or wool suggestions may seem a bit difficult, but if you consider the couples’ interests, hobbies and personal style, you’ll find something to fit. Of course, you don’t have to follow the lists, they are just ideas. To help you find the perfect gift to mark the day, read on:

7th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Copper7th-wedding-coper

Home Décor

Copper is said to bring good luck, prosperity and good fortune. There are many copper home décor items that can fit a range of styles both understated and bold. Select copper home décor items like vases for bouquets or a single rose; figurines if they are collectors or perhaps of their favourite animal; wind chimes for the conservatory or patio; clocks for the wall or mantelpiece and copper bookends for the reader. A copper framed mirror will bring light into dark corners. Copper pots, pans and other cookware make appropriate anniversary gifts for those who love spending time in the kitchen and look great hanging up when not in use.

Romantic Copper Gifts

For romantic gifts for her, look for jewelry made from copper. Copper jewelry includes bracelets with her birthstone, drop-leaf earrings or choose a piece of three-tone jewelry that includes copper. For him, a copper chain necklace or a magnetic healing bracelet or a copper hammered ring. Copper jewelry comes in a variety of designs, If you are re buying for your beloved, pick a design that has a special meaning to you both. Some excellent top rated gifts for 7th wedding anniversary are here. Another idea is to personalise a copper photo-frame with your favourite photo taken of you both in the last year.

Match gifts to the couples interests

For those who travel, or who want to have pure water at work, a 100% copper water bottle is said to have ayurvedic health benefits. Or try the copper head massager, that touches acupressure points and is both relaxing and arousing! For the romantics at heart, a copper mailbox to have inside your home that you can fill with romantic cards and notes to each other is fun, practical and keeps your love alive.

hearts7th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Wool

Wool represents the warmth, comfort and durability that couples married for seven years give one another.
You might consider buying a wool blanket that the couple can snuggle under on a cold night or a decorative rug that keeps feet warm on tiled floors. There are many clothes items that you can buy made from wool that would suit the couple. A sweater for him and a wool dress for her; a scarf, hat and glove set; a coat. A matching set of Aran sweaters with the patten known as ‘marriage lines’ would be a great choice or if these are too heavy, picky out a cosy sweater in their favourite color and design. If you’ve the skill and the time, how perfect a gift is one that you have knitted yourself.

7th Anniversary Modern Gift: Desk Sets

The modern gift of a desk set is a practical gift that can be personalised. Choose words to celebrate the anniversary and have these engraved onto pens, or buy a desk set where you can add his and her photographs. Look for desk sets that reflect their hobbies or interests, for example a golf themed set has a letter opener shaped like a putter. Alternatively there are 3-in-1 desk organisers for your letters, pens and stick notes in various styles including pretty pinks or classic mahogany and leather.

Personalized stationary is another gift to consider and can be customized to reflect the couple’s interests.

If you don’t have need for an actual desk set, how about snuggling up together under a warm wool blanket on a cold winter’s afternoon to watch the classic romantic movie “Desk Set” starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.