Ideal Bridal Shower and Gifts for A Teacher

Organizing a bridal shower can be a challenging task if you don’t have a plan. The gift-giving party demands great organizational skills crowned with an unmatched presence in preparation for the wedding. Weddings are meant to be a one-time lifetime event and getting it right the first time is everyone’s goal. So regardless of who is wedding, the event should be a memorable one.

Gift Options and Suggestions for a Teacher’s Bridal Shower

For a teacher’s bridal shower, ideas to toy with vary from doing something within the classroom setup to the parents all chipping in depending on the theme chosen. Students are more than willing to engage in something constructive and unique bridal shower gifts can be hatched from that. However, for this to be successful, it’s important to take into account the ages of the students involved.

wedding-106570_640• Get congratulatory messages and stories with the bride’s photos and organize them in a booklet. The final copy can be presented as a gift to the bridal teacher or shared with the invitees.

• Have one or two single-colored aprons made with some kids’ hand prints on it. This can be achieved with different colors, or different shades of one color, with preference given to the teacher’s favorite color.

• Design cookbooks with all recipes from their kids done with the help of their parents. The recipes can be from the kids’ favorite meals as noted by the parents. The teacher can have that a gift and probably try them out one at a time in her home.

• If the kids are old enough, the alternative idea is to have all the students write some ideas for a shower. After that, a team of organizers can sit and select some of the best ideas to work with. This obviously should be done anonymously to avoid showing favoritism amongst the students.

• Organize group gifts from students with the help of their parents or other teachers, for example, having them fill in a book about what they like most about the teacher and later reading out everyone’s comments out loud.

Holding Bridal Shower at the School

For best results, it is advisable to stick to a single theme so that gifts and shower events are clearly defined. If students are going to be involved, then is should something they identify with. Based on the profession, a teacher’s shower can be held either at school or home. The former is an ideal choice as most are often held home.

If the shower theme is more school related then the event can be held at school compound. Depending on the population of invitees, the event can be held indoors either in a classroom or a social building within the school. Otherwise, if the weather is favorable, outdoors would just be as ideal.

Holding the shower event at the school is very different from holding it at home based on the processes involved. A school event might require the approval of a senior teacher or principal as well as booking a day most suitable for the event. If both students and parents are in on the event, the invitees double as compared to having a simple private one at home with some colleagues and friends.

Regardless of the preference, showers held in schools or a colleague’s home work best for surprise events. Nothing puts a smile on a bride like a well-organized surprise event in her honor. If it is the norm in the school to hold the events within the school, then she will probably see it coming, despite that holding a unique gift-giving event makes all the difference for a bride.