Feedback from Anne plus …

As a first-time MoodleMooter I would like to add my twopenn’orth here and say that I particularly enjoyed the friendliness of all whom I spoke to.  I feel rather red-faced with embarrassment because I was the one whose husband gatecrashed the wonderful guided tour. I recently unearthed this vintage picture of us both …


mind map

I used to create a personal mind map that carries links and quotes: 
(first time ever using mind42 – very easy to use. Use the icons at the bottom to collapse/expand.)
Very unofficial images

I used a flip for the movies, a phone for the stills, imovie to put it together (there is a little sound).

And finally…

I really enjoyed MoodleMoot. It was one of the most refreshing events that I had been to for a long time.
Hope to see you at another Moot!